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Advent Poem, Christmas 2017

Steve Bateman

Based on 2 Corinthians 5 and Revelation 21–22

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“And night will be no more. They will need no light of lamp or sun, for the Lord God will be their light, and they will reign forever and ever.” –Revelation 22:5


“Forever,” says His holy Word.

Forever it shall be!

There are some things that will not change

For all eternity.


God does not grant us now to know

Our future’s every turn.

But these eight things he has revealed

And we’ll do well to learn.


The first thing that we can expect

With certainty we know:

We’ll suffer great adversity

And this will help us grow.


He causes it to work for good

And bring us to our knees.

And from our aching, homesick hearts

We offer up our pleas.


The second thing that we will face,

Unless Christ comes before,

That final enemy called death:

Our passing through a door.


Attended with a curse-wrought pain,

It separates the soul.

From weakened bodies formed of dust,

That paid a fatal toll.


The body, friends will bury deep.

The soul, it will be free,

To fully find its rest at home,

Then with the Lord, we’ll be.


The third thing that’s ahead of us:

A temporary state.

Deep joy, unbounded, with our King,

And in this joy, we’ll wait.


Then on that day God only knows;

With certainty, He said,

That by his overpowering Word,

He’ll raise us from the dead.


This fourth thing, we can be assured

Gives hope to all who grieve;

Who stood before an open grave

And wept without reprieve.


For in the time it takes to blink

We’ll see him face to face.

Then fully clothed in holy skin

Which never knows disgrace.


The fifth thing you can know for sure,

The coming of the King,

Is fixed on God’s great calendar.

True justice he will bring.


He came the first time as a Lamb

Then, judged by wicked men.

They killed him on a cruel cross

And multiplied their sin.


Yet he still loves the ones who hate

And he’ll not turn away

The sinner who will turn from sin

And trust the only Way.


But he will come back as a Lion-

Have you not lately read?

To zealously and justly judge

The living and the dead.


And those who did not trust this Lamb,

Who took the widened path,

Will stand alone with no defense

To face his perfect wrath.


But those depending on the blood,

In Christ alone they trust,

Are shielded by his righteous work,

The Lamb who died for us.


Yes, we would be condemned as well.

We share a common race.

And we would not believe at all,

If not for sovereign grace.


Still, we will stand before our King

And to him give account.

For how we used his gracious gifts,

To get his message out.


The seventh thing that lies ahead,

For children of re-birth,

Is entry into paradise,

The beautiful new earth.


The King of kings will end all war.

His peace will never end.

Jerusalem will be at rest.

And every heart he’ll mend.


The eighth thing on which we can plan,

We need not fear our fate.

Here on the new earth we will live,

In this eternal state.


Heaven will be here on earth,

We’ll worship, work, and pray.

Under the Father’s loving gaze,

We’ll sing, and laugh, and play .


Forever this chief end of man

Will fully be displayed.

To glorify and enjoy God,

Our zeal will never fade.


We make a fuss of giving gifts,

To loved ones young and old.

We even give ourselves to God

As magi gave their gold.


But there’s a gift surpassing all,

For joy, it is a must.

It is the gift of God’s own Son,

Who bled and died for us.


So on this Sunday Christmas Eve

While most the world will miss

The purpose of their frantic lives

We are consoled by this:


Forever we will be with him!

Forever with our King!

Forever he will fill our hearts!

Forever we will sing!


Forever, says His holy Word!

Forever it shall be!

These are the things that will not change

For all eternity.








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