Yes, I wrote another book…

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Yes, I wrote another book. Brothers, Stand Firm: Seven Things Every Man Should Know, Practice, and Invest in the Next Generation is the product of many years of ministry God has given me at First Bible Church. It’s a basic introduction into the life of glorifying God by helping people know, love, obey, and exalt Jesus Christ. I wrote it because, as a student of history and current events, I believe that this generation of Christian men will be called on to display more courage than any other generation in the history of the United States. That’s not just drama. I really believe it. I wrote this book to help arm men in our church, and other churches, for the good fight ahead of them. These are some of the essential things they need to know to fulfill their calling as husbands, fathers, and church leaders. This book is about the seven essential, core doctrines of Christianity that every man should know, practice, and invest in the next generation, especially his own children. Learning the Bible and studying theology can be overwhelming to most men, so I’ve pared it down to the essentials so that any man with the desire can get started.

How can women use it? It is a great gift idea for the men in your life and, as Susan Hunt writes in her endorsement, women should read it too “so you can be a strong and steady support to the men in your home and church as they seek to stand firm for the gospel in a crumbling culture.” After all, women need to know these seven things too!

How can men use it? Actually, you could put it in the hands of an unbelieving and intellectually honest friend who would like to at least understand Christianity before he rejects it. But the main use is as a guide for men to study together in small groups. Are you in a small group and don’t know what to study next? Try this book! Not in a small group? Ask a few friends if they want to start one and read this book together!

To preview the first three chapters for free visit the Brothers, Stand Firm! page for details.


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